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We design exclusive content based on your idea

Tell us your idea, we will turn into a content:

Don't let your brilliant ideas go to waste. Share them with us, and we'll turn them into content you can post and truly own.

People love stories. They will love yours, too:

People cherish stories, especially personal ones. Your ideas come with your unique story – the most engaging content.

Exclusivity Guaranteed:

With help of generative AI, we create one-of-a-kind content you won't find anywhere else.

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  • From 1k to 4k followers on LinkedIn
  • Managing 7k offline tech group

For a More Creative Brain, Take Breaks

Be a thought leader in your industry

Establish your expertise:

Be the go-to source in your field, recognized for your knowledge and insights.

Engage with your community:

Build relationships, offer guidance, and become a trusted advisor among peers.

Create exceptional content:

Share original work that educates, inspires, and reshapes industry thinking.

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Your brain needs downtime to remain creative and generate its most innovative ideas

2023 Import Export Leaders



Top 10 Leading Importing Countries Worldwide


  • 10k follower on LinkedIn
  • Increased monthly impressions by 300%

import / export CONSULTANT

Impact of Exports on the Economy

Hyper-personalized content for your audience

Addressing Your Audience's Pain Points:

We understand what bothers your audience and create content that soothes those troubles

Content That Triggers Engagement:

Our mission is to make content that triggers excitement in your audience.

Audience-Centric Approach:

We focus on what your audience loves, ensuring they feel like you truly understand them.


3 weeks program

Your brain needs downtime to remain creative and generate its most innovative ideas

Dr. Taggy


How to activate your inner goddess


  • From 4k to 20k follower on Instagram
  • Increased monthly revenue by 300%

Mental wellness professional

10 ways to analyze your dream

How does it work?


Audience Analysis With ChatGPT & Bard

Analyze your audience through surveys,


Content Ideas Generation

Combined with your own story and the audience analysis, we will generate content


Story Creation

Finalize top contents for the month and publish as a story

What will I get?


Monthly Content Ideation (50 Entries a Month)

50 Content ideas each month, spanning slides, single images, and blog articles, tailored to your audience


Communication channel to share your posting ideas

Share your posting ideas. We'll then convert these ideas into shareable viral content for you.

3d Customer Service


Daily Content

After collaborative selection, we'll provide you with four fully polished social media posts ready for sharing.

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The Power of Starting with Why

Starting with 'Why' is the foundation for inspiring action, aligning values, and achieving lasting success. Learn its profound impact.

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Example 1

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3 Steps to unlock Your Full Potential

Unlock your full potential: Understand 'Why,' master skills, embrace autonomy. Achieve personal growth and success.


What does the $24.99 subscription include?

The subscription includes 8 personalized content recommendations delivered to you every month, tailored to your audience and goals.

Can I request specific content topics or themes for my recommendations?

Yes, you have the flexibility to provide input on content ideas, and we'll strive to incorporate them into your recommendations.

Is there a contract or long-term commitment for the $24.99 subscription?

No, there are no contracts or long-term commitments. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

How do I receive my content recommendations?

Yes, you have the flexibility to provide input on content ideas, and we'll strive to incorporate them into your recommendations.

Are the content recommendations copyright-free?

Yes, all content is copyright-free. You own the content and can freely customize and use it without copyright concerns.

Can I get more than four content recommendations per month?

If you need additional recommendations, please let us know, and we can work out a solution to meet your needs, depending on availability.

What social media platforms are these recommendations suitable for?

Our content recommendations are versatile and suitable for various social media platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Can I see more examples of customers who have used your service?

To view more examples of satisfied customers and their results, please check out our gallery section on our website: Ceeya Gallery. You'll find inspiring success stories and diverse use cases.


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